Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Bureau offers Kenyan organisations Sh75 million to prevent radicalism and violent extremism

The Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL) has called on Kenya-based organisations to help in the global fight against terrorism, offering groups up to Sh75 million in funding.

DLR is seeking applications from eligible organisations for a program entitled “Building Trust between Community Members & Security Providers in Coastal Kenya” with an aim to prevent radicalism and violent extremism by building trust and collaboration between community leaders, youth, and security providers in Lamu and other counties in Coastal Kenya, particularly Mombasa, Kwale and/or Kilifi.

“Proposed programs should address socio-economic and governance challenges and other factors that have intensified the negative effects of decreased tourism, ongoing land and property conflicts, and increased security force targeting of Muslim communities in the region,” Deepika Singh, a spokesperson on behalf of the group has said.

The programme seeks to cultivate working partnerships between communities and security providers across ethnic and social divides as well as develop collaborative responses to shared community security challenges. It also seeks to strengthen capacity and leadership skills among community leaders to engage government actors at the national, county and local levels on security provisions.

Interested parties are advised to visit ‘’ for details.

DRL anticipates having approximately $742,574 (Sh75 million) available to support approximately one successful application submitted in response to this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO), subject to the availability of funding.

The initiative is seeking drives that involve trainings and events to allow youth to develop a sense of purpose, build communication skills and define community needs.

“DRL welcomes applications from non-profit organizations/ non-government organizations (NGOs) and public international organizations; private, public, or state institutions of higher education; and for-profit organizations or businesses,” Singh said in a recent address.

Singh added that DRL’s preference is to work with non-profit entities; however, there may be occasions when a for-profit entity is best suited. According to the group, applicants must have existing, or the capacity to develop, active partnerships with thematic or in-country partners, entities and relevant stakeholders including industry and NGOs and have demonstrable experience in administering successful and preferably similar projects. According to Singh, DRL encourages applications from organizations working with the most at risk and vulnerable communities.

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