How to safeguard your password(s)

Since it seems that no one is safe online. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg had his Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts hacked last Sunday and although his use on the social media sites is infrequent it is still alarming. It might be time to give your passwords a once-over and make sure nobody can gain access to them.

Use a strong password

Numbers might be harder to remember than a word but they are the more secure choice. A good option would be to mix it up. Don’t choose words or numbers that have a predictable pattern like ‘1234567890’, this is just asking for trouble. Opt for random sequences, nothing mathematical, over ten charters with a combination of both letters and numbers. If possible add other symbols in the password.


The smarter our phones and computers get, the harder or easier they become to hack, depending on usage. Many mobile devices and computers these days have a fingerprint scanner that let users log in without the requirement of a password. Voice identification is another one of the more popular biometrics options out there that will let only a specific user access information.


This is something many of us are guilty of, ignoring updates. Those warnings we ignore are sometimes software updates for security functions and can be very important. Although it seems like a lot of work, keep your device up to date.

Different accounts for different passwords

Another rule that too many of us fail to maintain is different passwords for every account that we have. This makes it harder for anyone part from you to gain access to your info. Hackers can use this same password for other accounts and this will put a lot of your personal information in jeopardy.


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