A beginner’s guide to weight loss

As we get older there might be a more urgent need to start working out. We might have been able to eat a large pizza by ourselves and burn it off with minimal effort but not anymore. Metabolism slows down and fat just wants to hang on more on our bodies that it used to. Here are ways to get on the work out saddle if you’ve been away for a while.

Take pictures

It’s not about chasing vanity or anything of the sort, taking pictures regularly can help you track progress and also highlight which areas might need to be worked on a little more. They should be taken with just enough clothing that you can get a good idea of the general shape of your starting point and work from there. So work out clothing, running shorts, a sports bra and athletic tights should suffice. Take selfies and take measurements.

Get a second opinion

If have set out some goals you would like to achieve it would be a great idea to ask a professional for their thoughts on them. They could also help you plan your workouts and the time frame that you would be able to see results.

Take your time

It’s very easy to be over-enthusiastic about your new fitness journey and you should be excited about it but keep it simple. Don’t push yourself too hard at the gym or even at home especially in the beginning. Your body is still getting used to the new movements and muscles that were not being used as much before will now be getting flexed so go easy on yourself. It will also save you from aches, pains and injury.

Eat better

You don’t work out on an empty stomach but better nutrition is half the battle. Eating healthier is key to weight loss and better quality of life.

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