Top 3 scariest horror movie villains

Freddy Krueger

The scary thing about Freddy Krueger was how it was seemingly impossible to get away from him. He was in your dreams and in real life. Plus his blade-hands and rubbery, burnt up face didn’t make things easier. We all remember how we would end up with a bad dream or having to crawl into our parents’ bed at night because we all thought Freddy was probably hiding our beds at night.

Hannibal Lecter


He and Norman Bates personified the smart seductive psychopath, but Hannibal wins because he eats people! There was no scarier thought than a creepy older guy climbing through your window at night just to feed on your tender flesh. The thing that made Hannibal scary was how he could so easily blend into the normal world without raising any suspicions. He was well-read, learned and let’s not forget he was a doctor; who just happened to acquire a taste in human flesh.



The Saw movies were not necessarily scary as much as they were gory. But that doesn’t mean Jigsaw wasn’t a big creep. After watching the movie/s it was only inevitable that you would start questioning your life choices and wonder whether he would poison you and make you cut off your own leg. Then swear to never do a bad thing again which would only last for a day.




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