Great moments at the 2016 Groove Awards

This year saw many theatrics and new entrants, comedy ruled and performances were electric.11 years and counting it was yet another unforgettable ceremony, without Bahati and Willy Paul and they were not missed! 

Without a doubt the winner of the 11th Annual Groove Awards was none other than Mercy Masika. The songstress won in 3 categories including Female Artiste of the Year and Song of the Year and she deserved all the props in the world. Her song Mwema has been hard to get away from for the past year, staying on rotation on not only gospel radio but also mainstream stations.

The ceremony held at the Safaricom Kasarani Stadium was an interesting on to say the least. Hover boards were the red carpet accessory to have even though a presenter nearly fell off one when it was time to present an award on stage. Hosts DJ Soxxy and Size 8 did a commendable job, but only when Dr Ofweneke was not in the mix. Add him into the equation and there were some notable awkward moments. This is not to say that he isn’t funny but his brand of humour was a little distracting for the show. Plus, there’s that time Size 8 had to kraal he and DJ Soxxy when they were getting a little caught up like an overwhelmed kindergarten school teacher!

It would be a great injustice not to mention that there were sheep present in this year’s Groove Awards. Where Njugush got them and how they were allowed on stage will remain a mystery forever. One even tried to get away from him in hilarious fashion but he managed to wrangle it into place!

One of the most memorable performances of the night came from Pitson, who also happened to be golden boy of the evening, with the song Uvumilivu. A touching poignant song that talks of faith during trying times and his other piece, a collaboration with Derick Jones, was electrifying. Evelyn Wanjiru proved that big things come in small packages with the song Mungu Mkuu, her powerful voice echoed in the stands and took everybody to church in the most remarkable way.

Stephen Kasolo, winner of the Eastern Counties Song of the Year award, was another great highlight. He brought his entire family on the stage to accept his award and he must have thanked absolutely everyone that has ever existed in his speech. But even though it veered off topic it was all in good fun. Kanze Dena was an absolute breath of fresh air with her bubbly quick-talking coastal twang as she presented Size 8 with the Video of the Year award for Afadhali Yesu. And of course Size 8 was her very open, utterly honest self during her acceptance speech.

In a great and unexpected turn of events DJ Covenant gave up his Talent to Watch award over to the media as a show of goodwill and peace in the country. Maybe in the hopes of inspiring a peaceful election.

Although turn up has been better before, this year’s awards were probably the best to date. The red carpet looked great, everyone dressed up (except for Njugush and his shorts), the stage and the auditorium was a glam and glitzy affair and the new categories, the ‘Afro Pop Award’ that is, recognized the dynamic nature of gospel music in the country. And who can forget that they had the 7s up on stage. It was an awesome afternoon.


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