Do you know what your profile picture says about you?

Uploading a new profile picture can be a task that is loved and loathed with equal measure depending on the person doing the deed. For some it can be an entire production whereby a multitude of pictures are taken on their phones, numbers ranging in the hundreds sometimes, just to find the perfect fit. But exactly what that picture says to other people might differ greatly from what you as an individual want to express.

One inadvertent effect that a profile picture could have is reveling things about your personality that you might not think might be apparent from a simple picture. For example if your pictures are constantly being taken outdoors or while doing some activity outside could make people think that you are an active person who enjoys spending time tackling new adventures.

This might not even necessarily be true but if that is the image that most occurs then that is how it will be interpreted.

Another thing to watch out for would be who you include in your profile pictures. This is where things get tricky. If you want your personal life to remain personal then it might be wise to keep pictures of whoever you are with off the internet. But if you are the sort of person who celebrates their love in a public way then filtering which photos go on the internet and which ones do not would be a better choice.

Even though people love putting up pictures in the club or other similar places, for professional profiles it would be a safer bet to leave those out because you ever know who might be looking.


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