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Garissa university attacker killed

Two senior Al-Shabaab operatives, including the mastermind behind a 2015 attack on a Kenyan university, have been killed in Somali operations, a government spokesman said.

Mohamud Dulyadeyn, the plotter behind the Garissa University attack in April last year, and Maalim Daud, head of Al-Shabaab’s intelligence hit squads, were killed by the Somali National Army and anti-terror partners.

“Dulyadeyn was killed with other 16 members from Al-Shabaab (on Tuesday night),” said Daud Aweis, the Somali government spokesman.

“Maalim Daud, (also known as Yusuf Haji), was killed two days ago by Somali forces in collaboration with allied forces. He was killed with two other Al-Shabaab members.”

Nairobi university school of business expansion

The Nairobi university school of business has expanded its capacity due to an increase demand for its training and research services both locally and regionally. The institution is well known for its driven programmes that ensures graduates are well equipped with the necessary skill to meet the requirements in different sectors of the economy.

Broker accused of threatening a university lecturer

Joseph Gitau a land broker was charged with threatening Peter Maku a lecturer at Jomo Kenyatta University of agriculture and technology over a plot dispute worth some Sh 700,000. Gitau allegedly told the complainant that he would eliminate or silence him one day if he did not stop pursuing a land case he had earlier reported at kayole police station. The accused was released on a Sh 100,000 cash bail, the case is set to be heard on September 1st.

Jomo Kenyatta University tops energy saving policy fete

Jomo Kenyatta University of agriculture and technology was declared the top public institution in energy management in the country by the Centre for Energy Efficiency and Conservation (CEEC).This announcement was made during the management award (EMA) at safari park hotel Nairobi. The university proved efficient in its energy policy planning and implementations of various energy aspects and energy savings.

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