Dating an emotionally complex man

Being an emotionally complex individual means you might be misunderstood sometimes and overlooked other times but emotionally complex people are fascinating and should be regarded as such. Emotionally complex men are not just emotional but they know themselves enough that they are in touch with their feelings and those of others around them.

They stand for something

Most people don’t necessarily have strong opinions on most things but an emotionally complex person has been through it and knows it is imperative to stand for something. Emotionally complex men might not express these opinions much in public and most of the time might seem like they are not interested but they very much are. Which can seem like a tall order when trying to decipher them because men can be secretive in nature. Emotionally complex men do not flip-flop in their beliefs and know if they are on your side, they are there for good.

They are honest

Emotional honesty can be a hard thing to find. And the veneer of impassivity displayed by an emotionally complex person might mean you will have to dig deeper to be let in but they are quite honest once they decide you are worthy. Be it emotional honesty or just truthfulness with how he feels about you, an emotionally complex man will say the truth even when you don’t want to hear it.

They are sensitive

This is not to mean that he is easily hurt, it means he is more aware of your feelings than the average person might be. He can sense when something is off and will work towards achieving a balance that will make the both of you happy. But it also means that you might have to extend the favour too and be aware of how he is feeling even when he does not say it with words.

They are interesting

An emotionally complex man will always be mysterious to some extent and that might make him an enigma that you could try to figure out. He is interested in everything that goes on around him and wants to consciously feel everything that he experiences. He is not interested in superficial encounters but wants to feel more at a deeper level.

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