Betting millionaire nightmares

Yesterday someone expected to walk away with 40 million shillings, it turns out 27 others also won the bet and there died their millionaire dream!

Betting company SportPesa first started gaining popularity in the country in 2014.The betting company has since gained a massive following among university students who whatever their cash position still somehow wound up gambling off their pocket money on football games. Students are natural sports betting participants as football is a wildly popular sport and we all know how being in campus can mean having a ton of time to waste and imaginary dreams to realize!

Popularity aside,  the other side of gambling has started to rear its ugly head. One initial story was of a student, who sought to remain anonymous, squandered his HELB loan betting on a game that he lost. The then third year student at University of Nairobi lost up to Sh. 40000 after losing a bet that he had placed on a Manchester United draw after receiving a dose of confidence upon winning two previous games.

There are even unconfirmed reports of suicide circulating on social media and in some newspapers, whose fact checking is not always as it should be.

The internet is awash with memes of people desperately waiting to win. One student became a celebrity for posting a poem online complete with props all hoping he will be the next millionaire!

The glitz and pomp of getting to be one of those winners holding the giant cheques might prove to be too much of a temptation for some. And the numbers shown in the jackpot are usually things dreams are made of. Not to mention there are other risks involved in lumping someone millions in cash all at once when they have been earning minimum wage all their life.

SportPesa and other industry players are concerned that as the industry grows, responsible gambling should should be encouraged.

The more you try the higher your chances of winning is one philosophy when it comes to gambling, but so is “only bet what you can afford to lose”, we suggest you stick to the latter.


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