Top 5 dance workouts

It is difficult to stick to an exercise routine especially when one is a beginner. Dancing is a great way of getting the full cardio workout and making it enjoyable at the same time. Something great about dance is the fact that the routines can be swapped easily therefore always enjoying the workout.


This type of dance is not very common. It is very similar to zumba but there are more exercises that focus on strength and toning. This dancing gets you the desired results when one is focused.


This is one of the most common dances. It involves dance and aerobic elements as it combines both slow and quick moves and as a result gets ones heartbeat to be a little faster. What is great about this exercise is the fact that one can do it in the privacy of their home.


Just like other forms of cardio exercises, salsa makes one to break a sweat. For one to get the desired results from a salsa workout, they would be required to try many forms of salsa dances as one gets the hang of the steps with time.

Belly Dancing

This type of dance is not so popular especially when one refers to cardio training but it delivers the same results. Belly dancing builds strength in your core muscles.

Hip Hop

This dance combines current music with current dancing styles and therefore makes it great especially for the young people who easily get bored with the older forms of exercising.

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